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Witnessed a crazy car accident

This morning I saw a horrible car accident. I didn’t have a memory card in my camera so I have no original visual aids to go along with this story. So I had to steal the images below from here


Saturday night was the big summer ending party for the staff. It was a great party with lots ‘memorable’ moments. I ended up staying at the place where the party was but woke up at 7:00am and decided to head home and sleep some more.

I was driving on the main road called Route 1 (two lanes) when a red pickup passes me on the left. There are yellow lines and its obviously a no passing zone, but he is going really fast. I slow down and let him by, but he keeps drifting further left until he bounces off a guardrail on the far side of the road. He then comes back into the oncoming traffic lane and then quickly drifts back off the left side of the road and hits a rock embankment at a slight angle and the truck goes airborne and then lands upside down next to the road. The weird thing is that between hitting the guardrail and then hitting the rock embankment he didn’t apply the brakes at all or appear to slow down. I’m guessing he was going about 40 miles an hour when he hit the rocks. It all happened very very quickly and the sound of the collision was super loud.

I immediately called 911, reported the accident, then jumped out and ran over to the truck. I couldn’t really see much because the roof was pretty smashed in. I could see a body and I heard some groaning. I told him that help was on the way and asked if he could hear me and how hurt he was, but didn’t get any responses. Another woman came over at that point and was dressed in nurse scrubs so I let her talk to him further. I couldn’t really tell the position of his body, I couldn’t see his head, but the airbag had went off and it was covered in blood as well as the rear view mirror. There was really nothing further I could do.

The ambulance got there really quickly and a bunch of cops came too. It was probably less than 2 minutes from the time of the accident to the arrival of the ambulance. Once the paramedics had arrived I went over to the cops and started explaining what happened. They took my info and then said they would call me later if they needed anything else. Then they suggested I go away because they were closing down the road and I shouldn’t be in the way.


This is when I wish I was taking pictures. I would have stayed and shot until there was nothing left to shoot, but since I had no way of doing that I got in my car and drove home and went back to sleep. When I woke up hours later I wondered if it had been a dream. Unfortunately it wasn’t. click here for more details and more pictures.

Obviously, I hope this guy survives, but I don’t think he is going to make it. After seeing the crash and the result of the crash, I’m not optimistic about his chances.

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