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Week 1 in Atlanta

They don’t mess around at this school. I’ve already made a bunch of friends, read a lot, made a few abstract paintings, taken lots and lots of pictures, woken up every day at dawn to shoot, learned a few new things in photoshop, organized a get together of my incoming class, bought lots and lots of stuff, and generally have had a great time!

It is a good fit and I can tell I’m going to learn a lot. I spent a few minutes today looking over the work from the last quarter photography students and am just very impressed with the caliber of content being created. I’m excited!

I like Atlanta too. I haven’t explored much yet but I’m finding my way around.

I’m not going to post my photography work here yet because everything I’ve shot so far is terrible. Yes, I said it. Terrible. And that’s okay. I’m trying new things. I imagine my photos are going to suck for awhile, but then later on the new techniques, the new ideas, the new vision will all click with the shutter of my camera and beautiful, amazing photos will appear on the blog! Ha! That’s what I’ve been told anyway.


The picture above is part of an assignment we had on the first day of class. It started with a scavenger hunt around campus to help us get familiar with a few things, then we took the items we gathered, had just a few moments to arrange them into a design (“good” was the only criteria for the design). Then the teacher went around the room and interpreted our designs and matched it to the way we think and work. It was actually very interesting. My design was praised by my instructor and respected by my peers. Maybe I’ll do OK with this art thing after all!

Like I said before, there isn’t much time for blogging, so don’t expect many updates for awhile!

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  1. Sounds like you’re in the right spot! Saw on the travel channel about a place there called “The Vortex”. It’s supposed to have excellent burgers! They have a peanut butter hamburger that you may need to try!!!

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