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website consolidation

Ok so after months/years of debating I’ve decided to combine three websites into just one website.

Everything will now be housed on www.kendrickdisch.com.

Herostatus.net, my video production site, and this site, www.deepdisch.net, will both close and the contents will become part of www.kendrickdisch.com.

The reason for this is that I am a ready to make some major renovations to www.kendrickdisch.com and feel that this is the best way for me to showcase the variety of areas that I have an interest in. I’m an artist, a photographer, a video producer, a website administrator, a blogger, technology consultant, and a 26 year old single guy and I want all of these things to be a part of www.kendrickdisch.com. I am tired of driving traffic to three different sites, it just confuses people and I’ve found the traffic patterns are very different for each site, so I want to combine them and take advantage of the traffic that does come to www.kendrickdisch.com.

I’ve been blogging on www.deepdisch.net since 2006 and don’t want to delete the archives, so I will probably try to find a way to just move them over. I haven’t yet decided exactly how all these elements are going to fit together (hence three sites in the first place), but I think this is the smart move and will be a worthwhile change.

What do you think? Am I too spread out? Or is it cool that I have three sites for three different content types?

One thought on website consolidation

  1. I like your idea of combining into one website- it would make it easier for some of us to keep up with what you have posted. The only drawback I see is that when you direct people there for professional purposes, they’ll also be able to see your political views, rants and raves, and other personal stuff.

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