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The Wild Peacock Chase

I was driving around in Springdale, Arkansas with my friend Maryam and she spotted this peacock perched on the roof of a house.

She convinced me to stop and try to get a picture of it. So, as soon it saw us approaching it ran away and we chased it through the neighborhood, finally catching up to it in this scary yard.


The couple who lived there gave me permission to roam around in their yard to try to get a shot of the peacock. I was able to get a few shots but he was pretty camera shy!

3 thoughts on The Wild Peacock Chase

  1. I don’t think it ever occurred to me that peacocks actually exist in the wild anywhere, much less in Springdale, Arkansas!

  2. My boyfriend saw a peacock on Sang Avenue in Fayetteville recently. I guess they’re wild here?

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