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The Downfall of the US

It gets worse by the day. The US economy is collapsing. Life as we all know it is changing very rapidly. I don’t really know what to do so I’m still in photography school, feeling somewhat sheltered from the fallout. However, I do feel like it’s important to be educated about what is happening. I try to keep up with the news and I seek out information that goes further than what the mainstream media is providing.

I read these two blogs, which seem to present logical arguments and have been doing so for several years (predicting this mess we are now in).

Chris Martenson
Clusterfuck Nation (don’t let the name deter you)

I’d suggest watching the Crash Course (from the first link). It’s very educational and explains the problems we face in a way we can all understand.

I want my friends and family who read my blog to at least be aware of some of the ideas that exist outside of CNN and MSNBC. I am not trying to spread ideas of doom and gloom, but I do think it’s a very real possibility that things are worse than the government is willing to admit. I really don’t know how bad it will get, but I do fear we are facing a very different future than what we grew up in.

One thought on The Downfall of the US

  1. I read stuff daily about the economy. I think things are worse than the gov’t lets us know. If you read foreign newspapers – they tell more. I also follow this white supremicist’s blog – he’s very racial but some of the things he says about the gov’t are really “wowing” – I just have to skip all his “bashing” but many of his predictions have been right on.

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