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Tag : What I did

New Work: 2013 Federal Reserve Annual Report Videos

I don’t often share the work I do at my full time job because it’s for a totally different audience. However we just completed a new project I’m happy to share with you all in hopes that you’ll enjoy looking at it and find some of the information useful.

Permanent Art Exhibit in Corporate Cafeteria

Last year I spent 16 days on the road shooting commissioned art work for a corporate client. They wanted bright colorful images from around the Southeast to adorn their cafeteria walls. They gave me a few examples of stuff they liked and then set me free to photograph 6 cities and capture work worthy of printing 6 feet wide and framing. A tall order to say the least…

NeoGen International Website

NeoGen International hired me to create a compelling web presence offering information about who they are and what they do. So here’s what we came up with! Please feel free to either click on the image or visit the site at http://www.neogenintl.com. I am available to help you or your company develop a website or blog, so just contact me for a consult!

15 Cent Burgers

I’m not going to lie. Eating hamburgers for breakfast doesn’t really sound particularly appetizing. But then I heard about Steak ‘n Shake offering hamburgers to Atlanta residents for a mere 15 cents if you went during 8:00am-11:00am on Friday Feb. 13th. Suddenly burgers for breakfast sounded pretty good. The Steak & Shake franchise is celebrating 75 years in business and in a clever marketing ploy (or desperate?), they got nostalgic and decided the best way to draw attention to the […]

Growing Kids Sale

I had a chance to volunteer at an amazing event a few weeks ago. It’s called the Growing Kids Sale and it’s put on by some family friends. Basically it’s a giant indoor yard sale with about 1200 families contributing items. It’s a huge event and is growing every year. I just helped out a little but I was amazed at the organization of the event. It’s a well oiled machine with incredible attention paid to the details. I walked […]