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2009 Maine Media Workshops Catalog (my pictures used throughout!)

Just got the email that the Maine Media Workshops 2009 Catalog just dropped and you can download it here or sign up to get the hard copy here. It looks great! I did a quick count and it seems they used about 13 of my pictures throughout! Awesome! On a sidenote: there are a few of the “Book Arts Studio” pictures that were shot in a collaboration with Damn Rabbit Studios and because I didn’t label them correctly when I […]

Lobstah Dinner!

So it’s been a little while since I have posted any images to this blog, not because I didn’t want to, but because I have been working on some other things lately, mainly reorganizing my entire digital life and developing some backup procedures and making sure I practice what I preach when it comes to data storage. I’ll go into detail a bit later. Anyway, I had dinner with a few friends of mine the other day and they both […]


My friend Vera, an actress in residence here at the Maine Media Workshops. She grew up in Albania but has lived in New Jersey for the last several years and plans to move to LA pretty soon!

Acting Up!

Above: These are actors rehearsing a scene at the Maine Media Workshops. Below: The scene is being filmed by the advanced lighting class taught by Mike Minock.

self reflections

This is part of a long term project of self portraits. Not sure if I will ever do anything with it, but maybe when I’m famous I will release a book filled with images of me taking a picture of me!

the rise and the fall of the sun

I live on the river that feeds this lake in Maine.

Infrared experimenting

I got to borrow an infrared digital camera for a few hours the other day, so I ran around campus at the Maine Media Workshops and took a few snapshots. It’s interesting to play with. I’ll post more info about it on www.deepdisch.net when I get a chance.

A little’s enough

A pond in Maine.

Rockport Harbor

This is an HDR shot from Rockport Harbor in Maine.

Under Same Moon

My friend Rainer sitting for a spontaneous portrait session in Virginia. These aren’t very sharp because it was pretty dark outside so my shutter was open for a long time and I was doing these handheld. Somebody should buy me a nice lightweight carbon fiber tripod to prevent this type of thing.

Strand Book Store

Used book stores are amazing places. I love just going in with an open mind and finding random fascinating books to skim through and sometimes buy. When I was in New York I visited Strand bookstore (18 Miles of books!) and explored a lot of interesting photography books and a few history books as well.

NYC cab ride

Jeremey in Nashville

That’s my friend Jeremey. I put a version of this pic on deepdisch.net awhile back, but I decided to take another shot at editing it and I like this version much better. It is a combination of three pictures with different exposure levels (brightness). It’s a technique called HDR (High Dynamic Range).