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iphone 6+

One month with the Iphone 6+

after about 4 weeks of using the Iphone 6 Plus, here are my thoughts:

I love the google!

So I spent much of today wrestling with a giant pine tree. It was very cold outside so I wore my warmest jacket, which also happens to be my newest/favoritist/expensivest/sexiest jacket. Silly Kendrick! I got sap all over it! So I go to google and type in “removing tree sap from clothes” and hit “I’m feeling lucky” Here is the result- http://www.thriftyfun.com/tf860271.tip.html You don’t have to click that link, because basically it says how to get tree sap from your […]

The Dvorak Keyboard

I had always been taught that the QWERTY keyboard layout was designed in such a weird way as to maximize efficiency and typing speed. It came up in conversation the other day so I decided to look it up and research it a little. I came across several interesting articles and ideas including one that claimed the standard QWERTY layout is actually designed to slow you down. What? yes, evidently back in the age of old ass typewriters the keys […]