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New Website for Project Tandem

So I know I’ve mentioned them before on this blog, but two of my friends from Maine made an 11,000 mile journey around the US to document what people are doing on a local level to help the environment. Well, they’ve just launched a new version of the website complete with photos and audio and an interactive map of the route, so I’m highly suggesting that you check out the great work at www.projecttandem.org

Project Tandem

So a few weeks ago I met these cool kids named Alan and Mo who are about to embark upon an epic biking/documenting journey across the US. Over 10,000 miles in a year! They are working to document the small things people are doing to help the environment. Here is a youtube video about them you should watch it! It was made by two of my coworkers here at the Maine Media Workshops, Virginia and Shane! You should also visit […]