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Tag : Software Stuff

One Day of Mousing

The above image was generated by some software called IOGraphica that tracks my mouse movements over the course of a given amount of time and represents that data with these cool looking graphics. This is 8 hours on a 27inch Imac. On this particular day I was editing video for most of it. The black dots are when my mouse was still. The largest black dot was when I went to lunch. The major horizontal lines are the scrub lines […]

Lyrics grabber: TunesTEXT

Many of you that know me well know that I am a big fan of music lyrics. I search for them often so I can sing along with my favorite songs and I also use them for inspiration when I need a creative boost. So you can imagine my excitement about this cool software I found called TunesTEXT. It’s an OSX Dashboard Widget that works with Itunes to automatically search for song lyrics to the song you are currently listening […]