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Tag : Site Updates

Site Consolidation Update 10-15-08

I’m working on a lot of the behind the scenes things to get this site working the way that I want. I started by bringing the content from my video production site, herostatus.net over to the ‘videos’ section of kendrickdisch.com. Then I brought my blog over, deepdisch.net. Both of those sites will now redirect you automatically to the right place here kendrickdisch.com. That’s mostly finished, but there is still some design work that needs done on both areas and many […]

website consolidation

Ok so after months/years of debating I’ve decided to combine three websites into just one website. Everything will now be housed on www.kendrickdisch.com. Herostatus.net, my video production site, and this site, www.deepdisch.net, will both close and the contents will become part of www.kendrickdisch.com. The reason for this is that I am a ready to make some major renovations to www.kendrickdisch.com and feel that this is the best way for me to showcase the variety of areas that I have an […]