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workshoppers logo

Workshoppers.org Launch Video

I created this video to help explain and generate interest in workshoppers.org

New Business Cards

I just got new business cards and I’m pretty excited to start handing them out! My last batch was from 2008 and my work has changed a lot since then. My style is cleaner and more polished so I wanted to really reflect that with my marketing materials. I’m a versatile shooter and I wanted my cards to show that idea as well so there are 7 different cards to choose from. I had some help on the design from […]

2010 Maine Media Workshops Brochure

Just noticed that the 2010 Maine Media Workshops brochure has been published and they used one of my photos! cool! check it out at http://mainemedia.edu/sites/default/files/downloads/MMW/MMW_2010_WinterSpringBrochure.pdf!

My photography used in Santa Fe Workshops Calendar and Catalog

The Santa Fe Workshops is celebrating 20 years in business and they have released a 20 month calender featuring images made by students and staff over the years. I’m honored that they selected one of my pictures from Mexico to include in the calendar. They chose to use it for March 2010, which is nice because my birthday is in March. The calendars are available for sale for $20 at the website (http://www.santafeworkshops.com) with some of the proceeds going for […]

2009 Maine Media Workshops Catalog (my pictures used throughout!)

Just got the email that the Maine Media Workshops 2009 Catalog just dropped and you can download it here or sign up to get the hard copy here. It looks great! I did a quick count and it seems they used about 13 of my pictures throughout! Awesome! On a sidenote: there are a few of the “Book Arts Studio” pictures that were shot in a collaboration with Damn Rabbit Studios and because I didn’t label them correctly when I […]

A Glimpse of Mexico

(click here if you don’t see a slideshow above) This is a slideshow I created as a teaser for the book I self published called “A Glimpse of Mexico” which covers my travels throughout Central Mexico in the fall of 2007. The book is 112 full color pages. You can order your copy of the book by clicking here.

Student Filmmakers Publication

I have a photo in the August 2008 edition of Student Filmmakers Magazine that accompanies an article about the Maine Media Workshops. You can download the article here or the full issue here.

My new business cards!

So I have been meaning to do this for a really long time, but I finally got around to ordering some new business cards to hand out while I’m shooting or just to give people I meet. I should have done this a year ago, but time has a way of slipping by when we are focused on other things. I ordered 1000 doublesided cards from overnightprints.com and am really pleased with the way they turned out. I got a […]

Pimping my photos for a Contest

I entered a photography contest based on people voting whether they like the photo or not. It’s for a book about Arkansas and after spending a few minutes on the site voting for pics, I was rather pleased with the mechanics of the voting and of the site in general. If you like looking at good photography it’s a great way to spend 10 minutes or 10 hours… I’d appreciate it if you voted ‘dig it’ for my pics, but […]