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Tag : School Life

Paul Mobley Portraits

I recently had the pleasure of shooting a portrait of portrait photographer Paul Mobley, who has a gorgeous book out called “American Farmer“. When photographer Paul Mobley set out to capture the soul of our country’s farm communities, he encountered an enduring rural culture that remains rooted in the principles of tradition, family, integrity and hard work. Traveling across the country from Tennessee to Montana, Mobley and his camera were welcomed time and again into the homes of over two […]

2nd Quarter Studio Week

So here I am again with just one week before I step in front my critique panel and present my photos for the last 10 weeks. I’m actually really excited because I feel great about most of the images I’ve been working on. I’ll post them here after I’ve printed them all and there’s no more photoshop work to be done. Oh, which reminds me, I’ve been spending A LOT of time in photoshop lately. I’m learning some really great […]

First Quarter critique at Portfolio Center

Well last night I had my quarter ending critique at Portfolio Center, where I had 9 images and some of my drawings/paintings heavily scrutinized by professional photographers and illustrators. It’s a fairly nerve racking experience and to add to the drama, it was also my birthday. Each session lasts for 20 minutes with interactive dialogue about each photo. The panelists may or may not know much about your assignment so we have to present each work as if they have […]

Week 1 in Atlanta

They don’t mess around at this school. I’ve already made a bunch of friends, read a lot, made a few abstract paintings, taken lots and lots of pictures, woken up every day at dawn to shoot, learned a few new things in photoshop, organized a get together of my incoming class, bought lots and lots of stuff, and generally have had a great time! It is a good fit and I can tell I’m going to learn a lot. I […]