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“What is success?”

I’ve written on this blog quite a bit about this topic in past years and still struggle with this question on a daily basis. I found this article today that discussed some important ideas about success, parenting, and intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation. “What is success?” Someone who spent his life working 80 hour weeks, living in hotels, and fighting his way up the corporate ladder to become VP of toilet paper marketing would probably consider himself more successful than a […]

random links 11-27-08

Every photographer should read this: copyright infringement Check out his photo essay on Gun Culture, it’s very good http://mattslaby.com/ What happens when states run of out money? Read this Really great lightroom plugin for photographers: LR2Mogrify Missing US Nukes Game changing cameras for photographers and filmmakers Scarlet and Epic Great article about the End of Wall Street

Ridiculously Awesome Pictures of the Sun!

Have you ever gone blind by staring directly at the sun? Me neither… But I’ve stolen quick glances here and there over the years and it looks pretty cool, but that’s nothing compared to these amazing pictures of the sun!

Know your rights during interactions with cops!

This summer I’ve had lots of occasion to interact with the police here in Maine. I had a party at my house that got a little loud and the cops came and asked us to keep it quiet. Somebody bumped into my car in the parking lot and didn’t leave a note, so I had to file a police report. I witnessed a car accident and had to explain what I saw and leave my information as a witness. I […]

Thoth in NYC

So I was doing my usual perusing of the internet, when I came across this post on Noumenon’s blog about a street performer in New York City. I recognized the picture from the post and knew I had taken a picture of the same guy the last time I was in New York. Here it is: He hangs out in Angel Tunnel in Central Park and does something he calls “prayforming”. Check out his website to learn more about him […]