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Tag : portraits

Drew Hawkins Headshots

I met @drewhawkins on twitter while he was living in Chicago, right before he landed at a job at Engauge, here in Atlanta. So once he got settled in we grabbed some starbucks and had some good chats revolving around social media and it’s place in marketing. He has a great blog called Brain Wads full of original thinking and insightful commentary (he even did a blog post about our photoshoot!) Anyway, a few weeks ago I shot some headshots […]

Headshots for Michael Cheek

I like shooting people. So when Michael Cheek asked me if I could do a headshot for him, I said of course! He mostly wanted an updated shot for various social media avatars so we tried a few different things and these two are my favorites, a serious one and a fun one! You can check out my headshots gallery here: Headshots and if you’re interested in having me shoot a new headshot of you, just email me at kendrick@kendrickdisch.com.