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Photography ‘contest’ = Bad Deal for Photographers

Many photography contests are just bad deals for photographers. This is an excerpt from an email I received as a member of a local photography group. My name is Alex Doubet, and I’m contacting you on behalf of US Road Sports & Entertainment Group (USRS). We own & operate the Publix Georgia Marathon (coming up on 3/20/11; ~18k participants) and the Atlanta 13.1 Half Marathon (10/2/11; ~4k participants). We are starting a photo contest for our Atlanta-area marathons. The theme […]

Help Portrait

So on December 12th, there was a group of us who got together and photographed people with low or no incomes, so they could send pictures to loved ones. But it wasn’t just a few of us… it was people all over the country! It was a nation wide event called Help Portrait. I got involved with the APA group and we shot over 100 subjects! Click here for the post on APA’s blog! This picture is of Stephanie Richardson […]

My photography used in Santa Fe Workshops Calendar and Catalog

The Santa Fe Workshops is celebrating 20 years in business and they have released a 20 month calender featuring images made by students and staff over the years. I’m honored that they selected one of my pictures from Mexico to include in the calendar. They chose to use it for March 2010, which is nice because my birthday is in March. The calendars are available for sale for $20 at the website (http://www.santafeworkshops.com) with some of the proceeds going for […]

2009 Maine Media Workshops Catalog (my pictures used throughout!)

Just got the email that the Maine Media Workshops 2009 Catalog just dropped and you can download it here or sign up to get the hard copy here. It looks great! I did a quick count and it seems they used about 13 of my pictures throughout! Awesome! On a sidenote: there are a few of the “Book Arts Studio” pictures that were shot in a collaboration with Damn Rabbit Studios and because I didn’t label them correctly when I […]


This is Allen. He worked at the Maine Media Workshops as the Digital Service Bureau Manager and we shared an office space. We also were roommates at the cabin. He’s a cool cat and possibly the best photo printing ninja I’ve met. He now assists for John Paul Caponigro. He is one of my best friends from my time in Maine and I look forward to following his blossoming career.

Tilt Shift Picnic

Time has flown by, but back in August, I got my hands on a Canon 24mm tilt shift lens ($1149 from Amazon and more info here) and played with it at a picnic/barbecue at my house with some friends and coworkers. The tilt shift lens is very tricky to use. For the non-photographers out there: basically it gives you the ability to manipulate your plane of focus on an x, y, and z axis instead of just the normal x […]

A Glimpse of Mexico

(click here if you don’t see a slideshow above) This is a slideshow I created as a teaser for the book I self published called “A Glimpse of Mexico” which covers my travels throughout Central Mexico in the fall of 2007. The book is 112 full color pages. You can order your copy of the book by clicking here.

Joe McNally is pretty awesome

I met Joe McNally last summer at the Santa Fe Workshops and he was nice enough to let me hang out with his class on location at Abiquiu Lake in Northern New Mexico. That’s where I shot this HDR shot of the Mazda CX-7 I briefly owned. In his portfolio slideshow he actually used a song from the Dropkick Murphy’s (an Irish punk rock band) and it really fits, which is awesome! Anyway, he recently released what everyone says is […]