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Mailbag: How did you develop your skills?

In this Mailbag answer, I give a very detailed (3000 words) history of how I learned to be a photographer and you can too!

Arcade Fire CD Cover Mockup

I was asked by my friend, Diana, to help with the photography and photoshop composite work on a mock-up CD cover for a band called Arcade Fire. She created a logo and wanted the logo to be in the blown out smoke from a candle on top of a cupcake. So, grab a cupcake (with sprinkles), a candle, a few studio strobes, and we are all set!

Some recent snapshots from school

So here are a few phone snapshots of interesting things going on at school lately… Visiting Burn Photo, a digital capture and retouching studio Fernando Decillis (left) stops by Portfolio Center to chat with us Capture Integration stopped by Portfolio Center to show us some cool gear, this is John playing with some kinda contraption that is basically just a digital back attached to a lens. I didn’t catch the name of it, because I was geeking out on Capture […]

One Light, Six Looks

So these are from one of my recent assignments in my grip and lighting class taught my friend Morgan. The assignment was to shoot six different lighting looks in 20 minutes using only one light. Go! I didn’t do much photoshop to these, just a few little color adjustments.

Deliverables for Environmental Portraiture

So, as mentioned in the previous post, I just finished up my 2nd quarter at Portfolio Center where I’m working on building up a commercial photography portfolio. Besides the lighting class I was in, I was also in a class called Environmental Portraiture in which the goal was to take various types of portraits on location. Each assignment had various educational goals and each one got progressively harder. My instructor, Joel Silverman, was great and taught us a lot of […]

Deliverables for Intermediate Lighting

So I just finished my second quarter at Portfolio Center, an intensive graduate level commercial photography and visual communications program. One of my classes this quarter was called Intermediate Lighting taught by Tom Abraham. We had four deliverables (deliverable = what we show to our critique panel at the end of the quarter). The assignments are based on a theme assigned by Tom, but we are pretty much free to interpret it and shoot whatever we want. Here are my […]

Random recent photos from March and April

This first one is actually from the Intro to Photography one day seminar I taught back in March. The model’s name is K and I will be shooting her for a school assignment next week. Yes, there is a reflector in the shot and yes I shot that between the legs of one of my students, but the story behind this is that I was down on the ground while my students were on the stairs working with the model […]

Leigh Anna and Location Portraits

The above photo is Leigh Anna, my classmate in our Location Portraits class. The photo below is my class (taught by Joel Silverman- center, red shirt, big camera) in Wynn Park learning a little about natural light portraits. I like this class a lot and look forward to really getting some good portrait practice.

Carbohydrate Supplement Circa 1963

Today I found myself assisting one of my classmates on a photoshoot in this old building we found in Southeast Atlanta. Inside the building were all these old canisters labeled Civil Defense Carbohydrate Supplement. Some were rusted out and empty. Some were still sealed up and not rusted. So I was pretty curious about what a Carbohydrate Supplement was, so I busted one open to take a look. Turns out, it’s hard candy. I ate one to see what it […]

School Week 3

Well it’s been a busy couple of weeks. I got an apartment with a cool roommate. Neither one of us had much in the way of belongings so I’ve had to buy some ‘stuff’ which I was hoping to avoid, but alas, we can’t have everything we want. So I bought some ‘stuff’ and am making a home. Last week was big item stuff like a bed and desk. This week I bought a bunch of little things I needed […]

Natural Light Class

I have a class called Natural Light with Jerry Burns (www.studioburns.com). Here he is teaching us something. I have to shoot everyday as the sun comes and as the sun goes down. Subject isn’t that important but the lighting is very important. Here is me walking around in Atlanta looking for good light. Here’s another one of me taken by me classmate Lauren.

I’m Going Back to School!

So I decided to go back to school. More specifically, photography school. There are huge gaps in my knowledge base and I need to do something about it if I intend to actually make a career in the field of digital imaging. It was a very tough decision. I talked to a lot of people about it, thought about it a lot, read stuff like this, changed my mind a few times, and still constantly ask myself if I’m making […]