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Tag : Marketing

New Business Cards

I just got new business cards and I’m pretty excited to start handing them out! My last batch was from 2008 and my work has changed a lot since then. My style is cleaner and more polished so I wanted to really reflect that with my marketing materials. I’m a versatile shooter and I wanted my cards to show that idea as well so there are 7 different cards to choose from. I had some help on the design from […]

LessConf 2011

I had the pleasure of attending the amazing Less Conference 2011, here in Atlanta. Thanks to Allan Branch and Steven Bristol I was able to document the event with photographs. I could write about the conference itself, but there’s an awesome write up already written by Rob Warner: “Why I’ll Never Miss Lessconf” Click here for a gallery I set up using dropbox if you want to see all of them! (Gallery will expire June 5th, 2011) Here are a […]

Some Studio Shots of Fishing Lures

Here are a few digital tearsheets from a series of ads I photographed while I worked at Adventure ADV.

Facebook limits page discoverability

Facebook limits page discoverability. Pages are the business version of a profile. I’ll use the two companies I founded as examples here, (Create/Explore Workshops, Workshoppers.org).  Neither of these two companies has a marketing budget, so I must find ways to promote that don’t cost anything. Facebook is one of my options. My primary goal for being on Facebook is to spread awareness for my two young brands. The problem is that Facebook goes out of their way to limit how […]

Let’s Go Fishing! Content Marketing Strategy

There are lots of other fishermen in the facebook pond. If you can organize your efforts around creating a content publishing strategy that drives links back to the pond where you are the only fishermen and you’ve got the right lure for the right fish, then you are going to hook ’em.