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2009 Maine Media Workshops Catalog (my pictures used throughout!)

Just got the email that the Maine Media Workshops 2009 Catalog just dropped and you can download it here or sign up to get the hard copy here. It looks great! I did a quick count and it seems they used about 13 of my pictures throughout! Awesome! On a sidenote: there are a few of the “Book Arts Studio” pictures that were shot in a collaboration with Damn Rabbit Studios and because I didn’t label them correctly when I […]

Darkroom Dave

Here’s another one of my friends named Dave. (trust me I have a lot of friends named Dave or David). This Dave worked in the Darkroom all summer here at the Maine Media Workshops! I needed to post a picture to test something I’ve been working on and this is a picture I already had sitting on flickr, so it got published!

Friday Night Shows in the Soundstage

Every Friday night at the Maine Media Workshops is a viewing of the students work that was created during that week. It’s a festive celebration and makes a great ending to a week of hard work. A couple of Friday’s ago, I had my camera handy, so I snapped a few pictures of the setup so you can see what it’s like. The Executive Director, Charles Altschul welcomes the crowd to the show!

Thanks Brad!

Brad the Chef at the Maine Media Workshops for the last 8 years is moving on. Even though I only enjoyed your cooking for 2 months or so, I will miss it! Good luck in the future.

My office in Maine

Just thought I would share a pic of my office in Maine.

Army movie

So some of the Advanced Young Filmmakers here at the Maine Media Workshops created a short film that had something to do with soldiers of some kind. I haven’t seen the film yet, but I’m eager to watch it sometime soon. The guy in sunglasses is the director/writer and the bald guy is Geoff Uloth the teacher for the 2 week class.

Maine Media Workshops Open House

On Sunday the Maine Media Workshops had their second annual Open House. This is the event where people can come from anywhere in the world to check out the facilities and learn about what happens here. I was pretty busy most of the day, but I did manage to snap a few pictures of the Dog Portrait studio. This was setup using Canon’s wifi system to send pictures straight to the computer as they were taken and then they would […]