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Tag : Life in Atlanta

The Elvis Burger from The Vortex

My mom sent me an email about this place called The Vortex here in Atlanta that she saw on the travel channel. They serve a variety of interesting burgers including one called The Elvis Burger. Here’s what the entrance looks like: The Elvis Burger consists of a juicy half pound burger, fried bananas, bacon, and a large slathering of creamy peanut butter. Yep, Peanut Butter on a burger… interesting… I’m a big fan of a peanut butter so I knew […]

World of Coke

My friend Lyla is working on some design projects involving World of Coke, the Coke Musuem here in Atlanta. So one day she coerced me into tagging along as she made a visit. Of course I brought my camera and snapped a few pics! It was moderately interesting, but my favorite part was definitely tasting all the variety of drinks that the Coke company manufactures. They have over 60 options available and you just walk around and try as many […]

Diana’s Car Accident

My friend Diana was driving on a major road in here in Atlanta two days after that big wind storm we had that knocked down so many trees, when she went through an intersection that had a non-functional stoplight and her Volkswagen Rabbit was struck by a big pickup that wasn’t paying attention. Luckily she only had minor injuries to one knee, but the car couldn’t be driven. I was close by so I went to give moral support while […]

Atlanta Storms

There’s been some rough weather hitting Atlanta lately. On Monday, the 13th, I slept through some mighty fierce winds that wrecked havoc all over the city. There were tons of trees down all over the place. Many of my friends were without power for awhile (also my school was out of power for the day) and about half the traffic lights in town were out. I did venture out into the wild for a bit and found this example of […]

Asleep at the Bus Stop

Waiting on the bus is a great time to catch up on sleep!

Georgia Aquarium

I went to the famous Georgia Aquarium the day before Valentines day to take some pictures for a homework assignment. I’m finally getting the time to sort through the pictures from that visit and post a few selects here on the blog. Hope you enjoy! The one above is actually one that I submitted for the assignment. The assignment was to explore motion using natural light. The one above is another one shot for an assignment called “Shaft of Light”. […]

More from Snow Day

Here are a few more I took the day it snowed. This one reminds me of how I feel when it snows!

Carbohydrate Supplement Circa 1963

Today I found myself assisting one of my classmates on a photoshoot in this old building we found in Southeast Atlanta. Inside the building were all these old canisters labeled Civil Defense Carbohydrate Supplement. Some were rusted out and empty. Some were still sealed up and not rusted. So I was pretty curious about what a Carbohydrate Supplement was, so I busted one open to take a look. Turns out, it’s hard candy. I ate one to see what it […]

15 Cent Burgers

I’m not going to lie. Eating hamburgers for breakfast doesn’t really sound particularly appetizing. But then I heard about Steak ‘n Shake offering hamburgers to Atlanta residents for a mere 15 cents if you went during 8:00am-11:00am on Friday Feb. 13th. Suddenly burgers for breakfast sounded pretty good. The Steak & Shake franchise is celebrating 75 years in business and in a clever marketing ploy (or desperate?), they got nostalgic and decided the best way to draw attention to the […]

My New Home- Atlanta

I’m loving it so far!

School Week 3

Well it’s been a busy couple of weeks. I got an apartment with a cool roommate. Neither one of us had much in the way of belongings so I’ve had to buy some ‘stuff’ which I was hoping to avoid, but alas, we can’t have everything we want. So I bought some ‘stuff’ and am making a home. Last week was big item stuff like a bed and desk. This week I bought a bunch of little things I needed […]