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Some delicious salmon

My girlfriend is an excellent cook and sometimes I’ll snap a few pics of her awesome cooking. Here’s a shot of some salmon with orzo, tomatos, onions, and capers.

Farm Burger

Yeah! Burger and Farm Burger

I’m trying to carry my camera around more often and had it with me as I ate at both Yeah! Burger and Farm Burger here in Atlanta. Both places emphasize natural organic ingredients and both are excellent places to grab a delicious burger. I don’t view this as a competition because I think we are lucky to have them both! Yeah! Burger: “Our burgers and sandwiches are made in house with natural and organic ingredients and are free of antibiotics, […]

Learning to cook Quiche

Recently I learned how to make a quiche. But this post is not a “how to make a quiche” post, although I’m sure several of you came here due to that phrase being your search parameter. Sorry for the misdirection. Here’s a link to a quiche recipe. Instead, this post is just a few photos I snapped while learning how to make a quiche. This quiche had ham, tomatoes, asparagus, and cheese. It was excellent.

Fried Puerto Rican Food

As we roamed around outside of town near the beach (it’s an island, so there are a lot of beaches), we stopped at a roadside restaurant for some dinner. They fry almost everything. Pictured below is some of the food we ate. I can’t remember what it’s officially called. This is fried plantain with crapmeat inside. They said this was chicken on a stick, but I’m not sure… it might have been iguana.

soup menu

Dominican Food

I’m not the biggest fan of Seafood and expected Dominican food to be very seafood oriented… I was pleasantly surprised to find it is more based on tropical fruits such as plantains. This is my lunch during one of the workshop days. We brought our lunch back to the classroom to save time! Rice, Chicken, and Pastelón de platano maduro (ripe plantain casserole). This is an appetizer, Dominica Quipe (arabian kibbeh, wheat and lamb, fried) This is Mofongo: fried plantain […]

The Elvis Burger from The Vortex

My mom sent me an email about this place called The Vortex here in Atlanta that she saw on the travel channel. They serve a variety of interesting burgers including one called The Elvis Burger. Here’s what the entrance looks like: The Elvis Burger consists of a juicy half pound burger, fried bananas, bacon, and a large slathering of creamy peanut butter. Yep, Peanut Butter on a burger… interesting… I’m a big fan of a peanut butter so I knew […]

Thanks Brad!

Brad the Chef at the Maine Media Workshops for the last 8 years is moving on. Even though I only enjoyed your cooking for 2 months or so, I will miss it! Good luck in the future.