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Saying adios to Bank of America

A few months ago I noticed something strange on my bank statement and it was the final straw to lose me as a customer. It wasn’t the debit card fees, or the increased account fees, or the very poor reputation, or the whole too big to fail thing… although those were contributing factors. What was the final straw, you ask? Advertising within my bank statement. By nature of their service they have access to my personal information: where I shop, […]

I love the google!

So I spent much of today wrestling with a giant pine tree. It was very cold outside so I wore my warmest jacket, which also happens to be my newest/favoritist/expensivest/sexiest jacket. Silly Kendrick! I got sap all over it! So I go to google and type in “removing tree sap from clothes” and hit “I’m feeling lucky” Here is the result- http://www.thriftyfun.com/tf860271.tip.html You don’t have to click that link, because basically it says how to get tree sap from your […]

Sprint Bill Mistake

My heart started beating faster when I opened my email, checked my Sprint bill and saw that $1525 was about to be automatically withdrawn from my checking account to pay for this. I’m signed up for automatic payments so that part wasn’t a surprise, but the amount definitely was. What happened was that a long time ago, I was given free roaming on my account because I was having lots of trouble connecting to sprint towers and I was dropping […]