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The Producers of my Caribbean Lightroom Workshops

Alicia Kidd Photography Workshops is both the brains and the brawn behind my recent Lightroom Workshops in Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. I was just there to preach what I know, while they organized everything and dealt with all the promotions and did all the actual work… Huge thanks to Alicia and her producing partner, Su-jeng Sang who is also her real life partner! They got engaged earlier this year and they are both amazing people and they make a […]

streets of Dominican Republic

A Dominican Night

Here’s a shot from the balcony of the apartment we stayed in while we were in Santo Domingo. We were three blocks from the Malecon (the waterfront) and we were able to walk to great little venues for dinner! I didn’t have a tripod for this, so there’s a bit of motion blur… I need to get a tripod that is small and light for travel… anyone have suggestions?

Dominican Republic Street Photography

Dominican Street Photography – Colonial Zone

When I’m giving a Lightroom Workshop, I definitely want to get my students out of the classroom and into the world to make images. I do this for two reasons: A) I want them to have fresh/exciting new stuff to import and process and B) even if you enjoy working on the computer, three straight days of sitting in a darkened room listening to me explain things is enough to put anyone into a vegetative state! So in Santa Domingo, […]

Puerto Rican portait

Puerto Rico Portraits

I’ve got lots of pictures from Puerto Rico to upload on the blog, but I definitely want to start with the pictures I took on my birthday! Alicia Kidd, a fantastic producer and photographer, was my fixer and translator for these! Thanks Alicia! One of my thoughts was that I have plenty of things in my life that make me happy so even though the tradition is to receive gifts on one’s birthday, I wanted to give something! I decided […]

soup menu

Dominican Food

I’m not the biggest fan of Seafood and expected Dominican food to be very seafood oriented… I was pleasantly surprised to find it is more based on tropical fruits such as plantains. This is my lunch during one of the workshop days. We brought our lunch back to the classroom to save time! Rice, Chicken, and Pastelón de platano maduro (ripe plantain casserole). This is an appetizer, Dominica Quipe (arabian kibbeh, wheat and lamb, fried) This is Mofongo: fried plantain […]

Skate park at night

I’ve been pretty busy preparing for my Lightroom Workshops and haven’t had time to post much lately. I made a short trip to Arkansas back in Feb. and found a little skate park and decided to do some night photography of the skater kids doing jumps and tricks. It was fun and the kids were working hard to show off for the camera. I shot these with 2 Canon Speedlights, a Canon wireless commander, and the assistance of my little […]

Dominican cab rides

Dominican Republic cab ride

I just finished teaching a 3 day Adobe Lightroom workshop in the Dominican Republic. Now I’m in Puerto Rico to teach another 3 day workshop this weekend! It’s not too late to enroll! Anyway, my time in the Dominican was short and I wasn’t able to shoot much, but I snapped a few images from the passenger seat during one of my cab rides in the wild Dominican traffic. As is the case in many countries, stop signs are mostly […]

belief in god is no excuse for hatred

Lyla Morrison asked me to shoot a photo for a poster project designed with the goal of creating an impact and sparking discussion. I think we succeeded, what do you think? This photo was done completely in camera with the only photoshop work being basic sharpening, color balance, and the text at the very bottom which states, “belief in God is no excuse for hatred”.

Just try to imagine this guy dancing too…

So here’s a cool one from a wedding I shot recently! I love shooting live music!

Mitch Headshot/Portraits

Mitch is a musician from Atlanta, but lives in Boston. He needed some new promo photos, so he got in touch with me and we went out and had a fun photoshoot and got a lot of great pictures. I had a tough time narrowing it down, but here are my two favorite shots from the day!

Arcade Fire CD Cover Mockup

I was asked by my friend, Diana, to help with the photography and photoshop composite work on a mock-up CD cover for a band called Arcade Fire. She created a logo and wanted the logo to be in the blown out smoke from a candle on top of a cupcake. So, grab a cupcake (with sprinkles), a candle, a few studio strobes, and we are all set!

Andrea Fremiotti Gallery at Big Studio

Lately I’ve been doing some freelance work for Andrea Fremiotti, who owns Burn Photo, and one of the things I did was help him prepare for a gallery show at Big Studio. I did the printing and coordinated the framing, designed and published a companion book, and then hung the show. The images are stunning aerial photos of housing development areas ‘on hiatus’ because the money ran out during the recession of 2008-2009. He calls this series “Arrested Development”. You […]

Rainbow Headshot

I was in New York a few months ago and my friend Rainbow needed a headshot for her new acting promo piece. I gave her lots to choose from but I pulled my favorite and converted it to black and white! We went to The Cloisters for the shoot, but I was on a time crunch so I couldn’t explore much, but it seems like a cool place so I’m sure I will go again!

Clinton Library

I was going through some old files looking for something and I came across the photos from a trip to the Clinton Library in Little Rock, Arkansas in March.

Venus Fly Trap

My friend needed a photo of a Venus Fly Trap for one of her design projects, so here’s one of the shots I got…