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Gino on Lake Lanier

A few weeks ago we were shooting parts of a documentary about Jason Meninger during the FLW cup on Lake Lanier. I took a moment and shot this portrait of my coworker. This is Gino. A great designer and thinker.

Oil on Pensacola Beach 6-27-2010

This oil spill is big news. But I was curious about how the media was handling the scope of the news. The truth of it is that the networks all have an agenda. I don’t claim to know or take sides, but I wanted to see for myself what the situation on the beaches looked like. So I went down with a few friends and documented what I found. I wasn’t trying to be a reporter and I wasn’t trying […]

Panama City Beach BP Staging Area

I stumbled across the BP Staging Area for the oil spill containment efforts. Panama City Beach didn’t seem to have any oil washing up yet, but I think they were getting ready to disburse some of these booms/bumbers. I didn’t talk to anyone from BP because I glanced at the clock and was running a bit late for my conference. So I snapped these pictures and jumped back in the car. I also found the Community Outreach Center and it […]

An Alabama Farmhouse

While we were driving down to Florida to check out the oil spillage, we passed this old farmhouse basking in beautiful late afternoon light, so I whipped a U-turn and we took a few minutes to explore and shoot.

panama city beach at night

Panama City Beach Night Scene

I’m in the middle of a quick trip down to Florida to document the oilyness. More will be coming soon but I wanted to share this one from Panama City Beach.

Todd at Bocado

Portraits of Todd Ginsberg, Executive Chef at Bocado

I had the opportunity to photograph executive chef Todd Ginsberg at Atlanta’s Bocado, one of the best lunch places in the city! The food is incredible and the atmosphere is a great combination of classy and relaxed. They have a small garden in the back where they grow some of their own vegetables. Todd is a great chef! I’ve eaten there several times and the menu always has new items. Big thanks to Josh Geyer for the awesome assist!

CBeyond CEO

Portrait of CEO James Geiger

I had the privilege of shooting a portrait of James F. Geiger, the Founder, Chairman, President and CEO of CBeyond Inc., for the 2010 Annual Report. Of course Mr. Geiger is a busy man, so we only had a scheduled 15 minutes to shoot. But after about 3 minutes, he was ready to get back to work, which was fine because I had the shot in the can. I only got 11 frames and the 11th one was the winner! […]

nadine playing piano

Nadine Playing Piano

I’ve gotten to be friends with the family that my girlfriend lives with. Nadine and Jay. They are awesome people and have welcomed me into their home time and time again for delicious meals and captivating conversation. Last week I was over for dinner and Nadine started playing her piano so I grabbed my camera and made a few images!

Meat cart in Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic- A few more images

I was so busy while I was in the Dominican Republic teaching my Adobe Lightroom Workshop, that I didn’t get to shoot very many pictures. But yesterday I discovered another compact flash card with images I had taken, but didn’t get a chance to offload them to my laptop right away and then forgot about them. So here they are! This last one is my breakfast, Salami and Mangu, one morning during the workshop!

Pinones, Puerto Rico

More Pinones, Puerto Rico

Here are few more from Pinones in Puerto Rico! These next few are from a young mango grove. In the mud on the ground were thousands of small hermit crabs scurrying about. It looked the ground was moving!

morgan the zombie hunter

Morgan the Zombie Hunter

This is my roommate. He likes to hunt and kill zombies. I sleep well at night knowing no zombies are going to get into this house!

lizards in puerto rico

Lizards in Puerto Rico

I kind of like lizards. I had several when I was younger including 2 green iguanas. Alicia told me giant green iguanas were common throughout Puerto Rico so I made it a mission to find one and get a photo. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any, but I did get a few shots of other types of lizards! Please leave a comment if you know what kind they are!

old san juan

Old San Juan Part 2

Here are some more from Old San Juan, Puerto Rico (You can see part 1 here). It’s a very photogenic area and I had a great time shooting. The kids come here to fly their kites! The sky is literally filled with kites! Very cool! One of the only downsides of Old San Juan, seems to be the parking situation. It’s very hard to find a spot on the narrow streets.

bricks of old san juan

Old San Juan part 1

Old San Juan was definitely a highlight of my Puerto Rico trip. It’s a beautiful area with a very European charm. I’d like to live there for a few months to really give it a good thorough exploration! This is a 465-year-old neighborhood originally conceived as a military stronghold. Its 7-square-block area has evolved into a charming residential and commercial district. The streets here are paved with cobbles of adoquine, a blue stone cast from furnace slag; they were brought […]

Fried Puerto Rican Food

As we roamed around outside of town near the beach (it’s an island, so there are a lot of beaches), we stopped at a roadside restaurant for some dinner. They fry almost everything. Pictured below is some of the food we ate. I can’t remember what it’s officially called. This is fried plantain with crapmeat inside. They said this was chicken on a stick, but I’m not sure… it might have been iguana.