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My first same gender wedding shoot

I love shooting weddings because it’s such a happy event for everyone there! People love getting photographed at a wedding because they are all spiffed up and looking good! It makes my job easy and pleasurable! You can check out the rest of my wedding work at www.kendrickdischweddings.com. Recently I had the honor of second shooting a same gender wedding alongside CJ of mossandisaac.com. It was small but super fun! Here are a few selects.

Charlee and Widget

Trying to shoot more randoms this year and sometimes you just gotta go to the old standby of shooting your pets… Here’s my dog Charlee enjoying her Valentines day bone from her secret admirer. Below that is Widget, the mischievous cat from upstairs.

TJ at christmas 2010

Here’s a cute picture of my nephew TJ that I shot during Christmas. He refused to smile for me and if I really started pushing him he would change the subject by pointing at the lights and saying “lights!”. You had to be there.

Beautiful Day in Atlanta

It’s a beautiful day here in Atlanta. The rain we had last week washed away the cold and dark winter and left us with an optimistic taste of spring!

The Empty Breakroom

Here’s a shot of our breakroom at Adventure. We hardly ever take breaks so it mostly sits empty!

Learning to cook Quiche

Recently I learned how to make a quiche. But this post is not a “how to make a quiche” post, although I’m sure several of you came here due to that phrase being your search parameter. Sorry for the misdirection. Here’s a link to a quiche recipe. Instead, this post is just a few photos I snapped while learning how to make a quiche. This quiche had ham, tomatoes, asparagus, and cheese. It was excellent.

Holiday Driving 2011

I didn’t shoot much while I was visiting my family in Arkansas over the holidays, but I did get a few casual snaps while I was driving to and from. Yes, I shoot while I drive and I know I shouldn’t. But it’s not illegal and I’m a photographer.

Some Random Photos from Jan 2011

Here a just a few randoms from this month. I’ve been trying to carry my camera more often but definitely not doing it often enough!

Snow day in Atlanta Jan-2011

It snowed in Atlanta last night. Got about 4-6 inches. Was able to meet up with my friend Jen to go out and shoot a few pics!

Michael at the High Museum

My friend Michael asked me to do a few portraits before his wedding next month. We went to the High Museum here in Atlanta and just played with some lines and spaces. Michael was a fantastic model, I rarely told him how to pose, he just has a knack for looking good in front of the camera. It was fun and I got several that I really liked.

Jay Maisel Studio Tour

I’m friends with Jay Maisel’s Studio Manager, not by coincidence. Jay Maisel is one of my favorite photographers and I’ve blogged about him before. Here’s a video produced by the Santa Fe Workshops that really shows off some of his best images and captures some of his nuggets of wisdom. It’s really inspiring to me and I think you’ll enjoy it too. Anyway, my buddy John is the studio manager for Jay and I was lucky enough to get the […]

Photowalk in Decatur

Met up with a photographer friend for drinks and a photowalk in Decatur, GA. It was getting dark by the time we got around to shooting. Not my best work but here are a few I sort of liked.

New York Fall 2010- Part 1

I took a trip to New York to promote workshoppers.org at the 2010 PDN PhotoPlus Expo. Another blog post will cover some more details of the trip soon. I love coming to New York because it’s a great city for just carrying your camera and shooting whatever seems interesting in the moment. The streets are filled with vibrancy and character and it’s hard not to come back with at least a few interesting images.

Images from East Atlanta Strut Part 2

As mentioned in part 1, I was able to hit the streets of East Atlanta for the Annual East Atlanta Strut Festival. It was fun! Here are the rest of the images! This last one is of a poodle riding around strapped to the chest of this biker guy. Took a few quick shots, and this was the best I could manage…

Images from East Atlanta Strut Part 1

I was able to attend the East Atlanta Strut with a friend over the weekend and took my camera. Here are a few of the images I shot. More coming in part 2!