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The 2011 Peachtree Road Race

I live 2 blocks from the finish line of the Atlanta Peachtree Road Race, so I wandered down there with @jenamiller and snapped a few shots as the runners raced by.

Drew Hawkins Headshots

I met @drewhawkins on twitter while he was living in Chicago, right before he landed at a job at Engauge, here in Atlanta. So once he got settled in we grabbed some starbucks and had some good chats revolving around social media and it’s place in marketing. He has a great blog called Brain Wads full of original thinking and insightful commentary (he even did a blog post about our photoshoot!) Anyway, a few weeks ago I shot some headshots […]

a few random photos from Salt Lake City 2008

Three years ago this month (summer of 2008), my little brother got married in Salt Lake City, UT and I flew out for the wedding from Maine. It was a rather epic journey to get there and I actually missed the wedding. The whole story can be found here (Epic Journey to Salt Lake City). Anyway, I was digging back through some old photos and came across the photos from that trip. I found a few I liked that I […]

Farm Burger

Yeah! Burger and Farm Burger

I’m trying to carry my camera around more often and had it with me as I ate at both Yeah! Burger and Farm Burger here in Atlanta. Both places emphasize natural organic ingredients and both are excellent places to grab a delicious burger. I don’t view this as a competition because I think we are lucky to have them both! Yeah! Burger: “Our burgers and sandwiches are made in house with natural and organic ingredients and are free of antibiotics, […]

Beer Photoshoot at Turner Field

Got the chance to help Charleston photographer Brennan Wesley on a photoshoot at Turner Field today. Great photographer, great guy, and great gig. We knocked out 15 portraits each with a different location (all within the complex) and then shot tons of ambient stuff for Atlanta Beverage Company. They were having their second annual tradeshow, which means there was tons of free beer everywhere for the drinking… Here are a few behind the scenes cell phone shots.

LessConf 2011

I had the pleasure of attending the amazing Less Conference 2011, here in Atlanta. Thanks to Allan Branch and Steven Bristol I was able to document the event with photographs. I could write about the conference itself, but there’s an awesome write up already written by Rob Warner: “Why I’ll Never Miss Lessconf” Click here for a gallery I set up using dropbox if you want to see all of them! (Gallery will expire June 5th, 2011) Here are a […]

Headshots for Michael Cheek

I like shooting people. So when Michael Cheek asked me if I could do a headshot for him, I said of course! He mostly wanted an updated shot for various social media avatars so we tried a few different things and these two are my favorites, a serious one and a fun one! You can check out my headshots gallery here: Headshots and if you’re interested in having me shoot a new headshot of you, just email me at kendrick@kendrickdisch.com.

Some Studio Shots of Fishing Lures

Here are a few digital tearsheets from a series of ads I photographed while I worked at Adventure ADV.

Saint Lucia Vacay part 3

As mentioned in part 1 and part 2, I went to Saint Lucia with my girlfriend, but it rained on us basically the whole time. The rain kind of dampened our plans for an awesome beach vacation, so instead we had a short kayaking expedition in the rain.

Saint Lucia Vacay – Part 2

As mentioned in part 1, I just got back from Saint Lucia with my girlfriend. We took a quick trip to celebrate her birthday and I also needed to work on my tan a little bit in preparation for the summer. Unfortunately it rained almost the entire time and we barely saw the sun, so I’m still ghostly white. I also didn’t shoot very much because I was on vacation. Mostly I ate and slept. Here are a few random […]

Saint Lucia Vacation part 1

To celebrate my girlfriend‘s birthday we snuck off to St. Lucia for a few days. Most people don’t know much about Saint Lucia, including me. Almost everything I know about it can be learned from looking at this google map.  We stayed in the northern tip of the island but the airport is in the south, so we had a lengthy commute and I shot pictures from the front seat of our shuttle. The roads were pretty sketchy in some […]

Headshot for Lyla

So my good friend and an amazing designer/strategist/genius, Lyla, asked me to shoot a new headshot for her website! I was more than happy to help out. Here are two selects!

Stalking the light

One of the things I teach people about photography is that sometimes they should be finding and shooting the light instead of chasing subjects. The light can be your subject. It makes ordinary things much more interesting. Here are some examples I shot at the office recently.