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Permanent Art Exhibit in Corporate Cafeteria

Last year I spent 16 days on the road shooting commissioned art work for a corporate client. They wanted bright colorful images from around the Southeast to adorn their cafeteria walls. They gave me a few examples of stuff they liked and then set me free to photograph 6 cities and capture work worthy of printing 6 feet wide and framing. A tall order to say the least…

The Empty Breakroom

Here’s a shot of our breakroom at Adventure. We hardly ever take breaks so it mostly sits empty!

Let’s Go Fishing! Content Marketing Strategy

There are lots of other fishermen in the facebook pond. If you can organize your efforts around creating a content publishing strategy that drives links back to the pond where you are the only fishermen and you’ve got the right lure for the right fish, then you are going to hook ’em.

One Day of Mousing

The above image was generated by some software called IOGraphica that tracks my mouse movements over the course of a given amount of time and represents that data with these cool looking graphics. This is 8 hours on a 27inch Imac. On this particular day I was editing video for most of it. The black dots are when my mouse was still. The largest black dot was when I went to lunch. The major horizontal lines are the scrub lines […]

Gino on Lake Lanier

A few weeks ago we were shooting parts of a documentary about Jason Meninger during the FLW cup on Lake Lanier. I took a moment and shot this portrait of my coworker. This is Gino. A great designer and thinker.

Joined the Adventure Crew!

When I left a cushy full time job in Arkansas in 2007 to move to Santa Fe and work for the Santa Fe Photography Workshops, I viewed it as the beginning of an amazing adventure. It was an awesome, (if sometimes bumpy) ride that led me to some great places and introduced me to tons of great people along the way. Ultimately I found myself in Atlanta, Georgia hustling for work as a freelance photo/video specialist and teaching the occasional […]