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Super handsome/cute puppy!

OK, so I was shooting some pictures out on location and came across this couple giving away some puppies. I had to dig deep for the will power to not bring this little guy home with me.


This isn’t a great picture, but I couldn’t risk trying to get a better one because I might not have been able to resist his cuteness. I refused even to pick him up. He’s a mix between Golden Retriever and Collie. I love the black nose!

I guess what this really means is that I need to hurry up and bring Charlee to Atlanta!

2 thoughts on Super handsome/cute puppy!

  1. I would have brought him home and said “ah shit, now what!” HAHAHAHA……good resistence you have!

  2. He’s cute but remember Charlee is house trained and doesn’t chew! This little guy would have you cussing soon if you weren’t home to let him out to potty. Puppies are sweet tho!!!

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