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Sounds like a movie

2 thoughts on Sounds like a movie

  1. hey! thanks for getting back to me, i had completely forgotten about that.

    aaah, ok. i’m not going to claim to know anything about canons, but i love your shots. nice work. 🙂

    the JET program employs over 5,000 peeps from 41 countries placed throughout Japan. i’m sorry, i don’t know your friends, haha. where are they stationed? i’m not on Honshu (main island) but the smaller Shikoku in Ehime Prefecture. our claim to fame is oranges. 😛

    catch you around!

  2. Hey you! Miss ya!!! Ok I will ONLY see this movie b/c I love Robert Downey, Jr. He’s a pleasure to watch on screen. I tell you what…on the movie posters for this he looks pretty silly but up close…he’s pretty believable! Craziness. I’m going to be at the theater Fri night for the opening of The Dark Knight. I’m waiting anxiously. Oh…btw there is a horrific picture of me in the Aug 2008 issue of Savage Magazine. It’s a full page of Chris & I. The pic was taken April 07 so Chris has had a lot of ink since then and I look totally different. I’m sure i’ll get the pic up on myspace at some point. Hope things are going well for you!! Email me soon.

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