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Some recent snapshots from school

So here are a few phone snapshots of interesting things going on at school lately…

Visiting Burn Photo, a digital capture and retouching studio

Fernando Decillis (left) stops by Portfolio Center to chat with us

Capture Integration stopped by Portfolio Center to show us some cool gear, this is John playing with some kinda contraption that is basically just a digital back attached to a lens. I didn’t catch the name of it, because I was geeking out on Capture One software…

Chris plays with a Hasselblad with a digital back

Morgan shows what a lunchbox is when we visited Morel Studio Support

A large selection of nice Profoto gear, available for rent from Morel Studio Support

Morgan showing us how to use a Crankstand at Morel Studio Support

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  1. That is a Cambo Wide RS Technical Camera Bodu with a Schneider Large Format Digital lens. It’s a pretty wicked combination – higher in quality than 8×10 drum scanned film. – Doug, Head of Technical Services at Capture Integration

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