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Small reminder that I’m not awesome

I haven’t posted in awhile because having a full time job and still taking on freelance work, leaves little time for updates. However, those two things and some thriftiness on my part have enabled me to completely pay off all the credit card I accumulated during and after college. This is a big personal achievement for me and I’ve been feeling pretty good about it lately. In fact I’ve been feeling pretty awesome.

And then today happened. Last night I accidently left my debit card at a restaurant and didn’t realize it until this morning as I went to pay the parking meter. I rummaged around and found a $20 in the glove box and fed it to the machine, only to realize as it slurped my cash, that the machine didn’t give change at all. So I paid $20 for a $6 spot.

Then I stop by the grocery store on the way home from work to pick up some dog food and other stuff, end up putting lots of items in the cart, get ready to check out, only to realize that I still don’t have my debit card, I forgot to stop by the restaurant to grab it.

As part of my debt reduction strategy I stopped using credit cards and removed them from my wallet completely and cut them all up. I Don’t plan to use credit cards anymore for quite awhile, so there was no other options except cash, of which I had none.

I end up just putting the stuff back (I’m too nice to just abandon the cart!) and go home feeling pretty silly.

My point is that there is always something to slap you back to reality every time you start getting a little too cocky.


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