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Site Consolidation Update 10-15-08

I’m working on a lot of the behind the scenes things to get this site working the way that I want. I started by bringing the content from my video production site, herostatus.net over to the ‘videos’ section of kendrickdisch.com. Then I brought my blog over, deepdisch.net. Both of those sites will now redirect you automatically to the right place here kendrickdisch.com. That’s mostly finished, but there is still some design work that needs done on both areas and many of the images used in various places in the blog are going to get redone, so there are some still some gaps there, but the content is all there and should be working normally.

One casualty so far in the process is my photoblog. I used it for awhile just to post photos but I never really knew exactly how to utilize it. It didn’t fit in with my style, so I axed it. I still plan on posting photos on the blog in a similar fashion, but now what I’m going to have is the ability to subscribe by category to my blog feeds. That way if you only want the photos you can just subscribe to that specific category RSS feed. I’ll explain more later. If you look back through the blog posts, you will actually see all the content and comments from my photoblog are actually already merged with the content from deepdisch.net.

I’m going to redesign my photo galleries and also install a new password protected client area for my photowork. A new section I’ll be adding is my section called ‘consulting’ or perhaps ‘digital tech’. A lot of what I do is helping with computer problems and consulting with photographers and filmmakers on digital asset management and associated topics. I’ve been doing this for over 8 years now, I figure it’s about time to make it officially part of my site.

All of this stuff takes lots of time to develop and design, so please be patient with me as I work to make this happen. I’m only able to work on this site a few hours per day if I’m lucky, so progress is slow, but things are definitely progressing and I’m pleased with the results so far.

Anyway, keep checking back for updates. Thanks.

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