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Saying adios to Bank of America

A few months ago I noticed something strange on my bank statement and it was the final straw to lose me as a customer.

It wasn’t the debit card fees, or the increased account fees, or the very poor reputation, or the whole too big to fail thing… although those were contributing factors.

What was the final straw, you ask? Advertising within my bank statement. By nature of their service they have access to my personal information: where I shop, how often I shop there, how much I spend, and how much money I make. They use this data to target specific ads to me. The problem is that I want to be the customer of my bank, not an asset they sell.

I’ve decided Bank of America is not worthy of my business so I will be moving all of my money and all of my user data to another service that treats me and my information with a little more respect.

ads within Bank of America Statement

One thought on Saying adios to Bank of America

  1. so you never opted into this?

    if you haven’t already, you should try mint.com…it’s free and allows you to pull data from your credit cards and bank accounts into one place so you don’t have to log into the individual account. They do have light advertising but the service is great!

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