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Road Trip from Maine to Arkansas


My first stop was New York City. I’ve gathered up a lot of friends that reside in New York and it’s always fun to hang out in the city, so I made it a point to stop and run around for a bit. My plan was then to head to Ithaca to hang with a friend but bad weather had me grabbing a hotel in Allentown, PA for the night. I was able to make it to Ithaca the next day, but due to more storms on the way, my visit was cut short and I hit the road again for North Canton, OH to visit another friend. I saw another big storm on the horizon so I had to hit the road again for Arkansas. I was planning to stop somewhere in Missouri for the night, but ended up just plowing through the Show Me State and hit my parents house on the verge of passing out.

Worst part of the trip? I got stuck behind this truck for hours… It was horrible!

Overall it was a great trip and I’m especially grateful for all the hospitality I received along the way.

Sarah, thanks for all your help!
Claire, you are an awesome friend!
Lacy, you are gorgeous and so talented!
Maria, that was fun. We should do it again!
Rainbow, you are so sweet, I can’t wait til next time!
Nate, thanks and next time keep a closer eye on your wallet!
Dave, you’re a rock star! keep livin it!
Carolyn, sorry for causing you trouble… eh… not really! Thanks so much!

To the New York friends I didn’t get to see: Sorry I couldn’t squeeze a few more days in, but I’ll catch you next time!

To my Virginia Friends:
Alicia, I’m sorry I missed you, but next time for sure!
Rainer, sorry dude. Next time!

I love road trips because I get to hang out with friends from all over the country. Without the people, it would be miserable! Thank you so much for choosing to be my friend!

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