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Quote from Ira Glass producer of “This American Life”

“People get into creative work because they have great taste… but the first couple years that you’re making stuff what you’re making is not that good… but your taste is good enough that you can tell what you’re making is not good enough, it’s kind of a disappointment to you… a lot of people never get past that phase… they quit.” — Ira Glass (Executive Producer and Host of This American Life)

This is an important concept that isn’t talked about enough. I’ve felt that way about every video project I ever worked on. It just wasn’t good enough and I was disappointed in the results. I wouldn’t say that I’ve quit video production, but the last year and a half have had me exploring photography so much that I haven’t worked on video stuff. I’m still optimistic about getting some video stuff finished, but it will probably be on the later side of soon.

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