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Portrait of CEO James Geiger

CBeyond CEO

I had the privilege of shooting a portrait of James F. Geiger, the Founder, Chairman, President and CEO of CBeyond Inc., for the 2010 Annual Report. Of course Mr. Geiger is a busy man, so we only had a scheduled 15 minutes to shoot. But after about 3 minutes, he was ready to get back to work, which was fine because I had the shot in the can. I only got 11 frames and the 11th one was the winner!

CBeyond CEO
Thanks to my pal Artem Nazarov for the awesome assist and thanks to Zia over at Lucid Partners for hiring me!

2 thoughts on Portrait of CEO James Geiger

  1. If this guy is anything like his company, Birch Communications, he’s not to be trusted. And if he is anything like his extremely rude telemarketing team then he’s an absolute bunghole. 1 star on yelp (108 reviews) and 1 star on consumer affairs (33 reviews). Hey James, get that sh-t eating grin off your face and tell your employees to stop harassing my business. Seriously, they call over and over, sometimes everyday, even though I tell them to take us off their call list.

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