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Osprey Porter 46 Vs Gregory Praxus 45 | Review

The Osprey Porter 46 and the Gregory Praxus 45 are similar bags with similar designs and similar carrying capacity. I thought it would be helpful to review just how much stuff these bags can hold and do a quick comparison of the features and carrying capacity.

The Osprey Porter 46 is a nice big bag that’s comfy and sturdy. It has good handles on the top, bottom, and left side (the three major grab spots on a bag). There’s a harness system that’s flat (but without the ventilation that other bags often have). There’s a waist belt, and though not removable, you can tuck it inside a pocket, as well as tuck the shoulder straps away as well. This is a great feature for when you’re traveling and need to minimize the catch points of your bag on a conveyor belt while checking it.

The bag is comfortable to wear, but remember, it’s big. It’s not a bag you’ll want to take on a hike or take out all day, every day. It’s a travel bag, meant to get from one place to another such as airport to the hotel.

On the left side, there are two hook points where you can add another strap (such as a shoulder strap) and thusly, turn it into a duffle bag. Having that over-the-shoulder convertibility can really help with mobility when you’ve got on a backpack and luggage while traveling.

Something that could be a con is that the bag sits at a 60-degree angle when standing upright, rather than a straight 90 degrees. It does make it a little harder to easily get into the front pockets, so there may be a need to lean it against something – but it still sits up on its own, instead of falling over.

The front pocket is good for papers and travel items (quick access). There’s an organizational pocket with a fold-down flap, and there’s a cushy pocket for your laptop or tablet in the front as well.

The main area of the bag is a big bucket pocket where you’ll put all of your gear. The zipper goes down on either side, and there is a ton of room. In the video, I’m showing a man’s jacket, flannel shirt, a small pillow, a DOP kit, three large-sized packing cubes, and a half-size packing cube. It’s like a little suitcase! There are also two zipper pockets on the sides, one mesh, and one non. And in the top quick-access pocket, it fits sunglasses, chapstick, earbuds, etc.

Now, compared to the Gregory Praxus 45, you’ll see that they are similar in design. I wanted to see if it holds a similar amount of items, and it definitely does, but loaded with everything, it does not sit up (even at an angle) the way the Osprey Porter 46 does. It falls over. The top quick-access pocket was a little smaller, but the same items were able to fit.

There is a 1-liter difference, with the Osprey Porter being the larger of the two, so you get a little more space for accessories.

Both are great travel choices. Hope this review helps you decide which one is right for you!

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