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one year ago

One year flies by pretty fast.

I wanted to write something today, because a year ago somebody I was very close to died, but honestly I’ve got nothing to say. I do carry the fury of a thousand hurricanes with me every day but there’s nothing I can do about it now. I just have to keep living my life in the best way that I can and hope that’s good enough.

Here’s some lyrics by one of my favorite bands…

Scar by Jarris (listen on myspace)
i feel this cut so deep in me
a night of tragic memories
all that could have gone
has gone wrong
and all the these thoughts
still eat away
please find another heart to break

i can’t take another dose this strong

so here i go
another nightmare
a wasted sleep
no there’s no resting here

why can’t i just teach myself not to care
tell me why this is so unfair

light the paper watch it burn
a diary of you is gone
ash will find its way and turn to mud

my guts will spill and bleed for you
can this be the last thing i’ll do
holding on to words that scar my heart

i used to hold you so close at night
you told me your dreams
i gave up on mine
so this is my solution for
when you pull away

take me back, cuz i can’t take it
i can’t take it

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