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One month with the Iphone 6+

iphone 6+

Iphone 6+ thoughts –
after about 4 weeks of using here are my thoughts: it’s more like a mini ipad mini than an iphone… it sorta takes two hands to use it well, even though I have big man hands. But it is great for consuming media on… text is huge, pics are huge, nice to read on, works great for web browser. I haven’t used my ipad mini since getting this phone. Talking on it isn’t a problem but I don’t use it for talking on much… it’s easier to text with because the keyboard is bigger and the space between characters is more. The camera is great! but harder to use as a camera because of the larger size and the needing two hands. I don’t like having the power on the side because it’s opposite the volume buttons so very often as I’m applying leverage to take a pic using the volume up button, i turn it off, or if i’m trying to turn it off the volume goes up. It’s way more slippery of a design too… I never had a case on my Iphone 4s, but with this, I feel much better having just gotten a case for it. Overall, I think the Iphone 6 is probably the perfect size, but I’m happy with the 6+ for now because the camera is awesome and the big screen is so nice to use.

iphone 6+

2 thoughts on One month with the Iphone 6+

  1. Two things:
    First – welcome to the big phone club! I have a Galaxy Note 3 and at first I didn’t think I’d ever get used to it, but it’s been incredibly helpful in my work. I honestly can’t see going back to a smaller phone
    Second, when you wrote “man hands,” in my head I heard you say it like Sterling Archer.
    Happy Holidays, kiddo.

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