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New Work: 2013 Federal Reserve Annual Report Videos

I don’t often share the work I do at my full time job because it’s for a totally different audience. However we just completed a new project I’m happy to share with you all in hopes that you’ll enjoy looking at it and find some of the information useful.

That project is the 2013 Federal Reserve Annual Report. This interactive site was designed from the ground up by our internal staff and we had lots of meetings to keep narrowing our focus until we got to a single topic, which became the name of the entire report: “Where are the Jobs?”. This topic gets to the heart of the economic issues and this report goes about answering that question from a variety of angles and aims to provide information in a variety of digestible formats in a modern social media world. Based on reactions from twitter, we succeeded!





One of our tools was video and we came up with a simple yet effective format to both share information in a friendly way but also use video to attract users to the site from youtube and from the various blogs and websites that may embed the videos (including this one of course!)

I invite you to watch a couple of these and take a moment to check out the annual report.

This project also features some of my photography work, but I’ll let you try to find that! Thanks for looking!

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