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My current DSLR set up for One-Man-Band Video production

My HDDSLR one-man-band setup

Many of my video shoots don’t have budget for a lot of helpers, so I’m often the entire operation: Directing, Shooting, Producing, Audio, Writing, Editing, and Grading. Doing it this way doesn’t get boring. I thought I’d post a recent picture of my camera setup for when I’m operating alone.

My HDDSLR one-man-band setup
My HDDSLR one-man-band setup

Canon 60d (the flip out screen is a big deal for video!), a zoom H4n audio recorder, a sennheiser wireless lav mic, a rode shotgun mic, I have a Sescom splitter cable going from recorder to both the camera and some Sony MDR7506 headphones for audio monitoring, and most often I shoot using a manfrotto monopod with a fluid head (for the combo of speed, nimbleness, and stability). The hot shoe bracket is a cheapie I bought from Amazon and the screen shade is a must when shooting outdoors.

The 60d is a little old, but still gets me beautiful footage but it’s a constantly evolving setup and I’m always swapping things out and trying new things. I’m planning to upgrade to a Canon C100 or Canon C300 eventually which would reduce the need for several of these add ons.

I’m happy to answer questions and would love to see your setups. I’ve created a Pinterest board for Behind the Scenes photos of video and photo shoots.

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