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Moved to Maine

fortsmith to Maine map

So I recently accepted a 6 month job for the Maine Media Workshops. I’m going to be doing a variety of things related to technology and IT support. The Maine Media Workshops is similar to the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops and I will be doing similar things to what I was doing when I worked for them. The main difference is that the MMW offer film and video classes as well as photography. As most of you know, I’m a video producer as well as a photographer so this is exciting to me. The creative and fun environment of a workshops program is really great and I look forward to an exciting summer of meeting new people, learning new stuff, and having good times!

I want to say thanks to the following amazing people for housing me, entertaining me, modeling for me, feeding me, and basically making my road trip an enjoyable experience!

Angela and Tommy— Thanks for everything! You guys are awesome!
Maryam — You are amazing!
Joey and Cecelia — you guys are such good friends to me!
Jessica — I’ve already said it.
Chelsea and friends — you guys rock, I had a great time!
Rainer — at this point, you’re like a brother!
Madelyn and friends — New York was such a blast with you guys! I will definitely be back!

PS: I took lots of pictures on my way to Maine and will be posting them on my photoblog at www.kendrickdisch.com/blog over the next few weeks!

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  1. Holy crap you moved! I have been outta the loop for way too long. Good luck, hope things are going well and hope to talk to you soon!

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