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Lyrics grabber: TunesTEXT

Many of you that know me well know that I am a big fan of music lyrics. I search for them often so I can sing along with my favorite songs and I also use them for inspiration when I need a creative boost.

So you can imagine my excitement about this cool software I found called TunesTEXT. It’s an OSX Dashboard Widget that works with Itunes to automatically search for song lyrics to the song you are currently listening to. Not only that, it downloads those lyrics and copies them into the song ID3 info. It also shows you any album artwork attached to the file. You can also use this widget to advance the tracks or pause the music.

So anytime I’m working on something and I want to glance at the lyrics of the song that is playing, I just hit the widget key (F12) and suddenly I can sing until my voice is raspy. Below is a screen shot of the widget in action.


I have two complaints about it though. Sometimes it has trouble finding the lyrics to certain artists or albums. I guess it needs to search through more databases or something. The other problem is that usually when it is downloading the lyrics, it causes the music to skip for half a second or so. Not a deal killer, but pretty annoying. Other than that, it’s pretty great. I’d actually like to see this feature built right into Itunes.

Download it by going here: http://www.cyanworks.net/dboardTunesTEXT.html. The website is kinda sketch, but the app works great!

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