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Know your rights during interactions with cops!

This summer I’ve had lots of occasion to interact with the police here in Maine.

  • I had a party at my house that got a little loud and the cops came and asked us to keep it quiet.
  • Somebody bumped into my car in the parking lot and didn’t leave a note, so I had to file a police report.
  • I witnessed a car accident and had to explain what I saw and leave my information as a witness.
  • I had to file a police report on behalf of my employer concerning a work related issue.
  • I had to bail a friend of mine out of jail in the middle of the night.
  • As a photographer, I often get questioned about why I’m taking pictures and often get told to stop taking pictures. Usually it’s not by police, because I know the rules of where and when I can shoot, as do they, so we have no problems, but security guards are a different story. But I know my rights so I don’t get pushed around and honestly sometimes the security guards are in the right so I do abide by their request to stop shooting.

    So far, in all of my experience with cops, I have found them to be professional and courteous and have nothing against them doing their jobs. In fact, I would consider being a cop myself if it wasn’t so boring. I feel that my confidence in knowing my rights and the fact that I rarely have anything to hide has led to my good experience with police. However, I do know that not everyone experiences the same situations in dealing with the police, so I encourage people to know their rights. The video below is a good place to start.

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