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Deliverables for Intermediate Lighting

So I just finished my second quarter at Portfolio Center, an intensive graduate level commercial photography and visual communications program. One of my classes this quarter was called Intermediate Lighting taught by Tom Abraham. We had four deliverables (deliverable = what we show to our critique panel at the end of the quarter). The assignments are based on a theme assigned by Tom, but we are pretty much free to interpret it and shoot whatever we want. Here are my finished shots.

1- White on White
This was my favorite image of the quarter and also the first one I shot.

2- Something Shiny

3- Mixed Lighting (mine is strobes mixed with sunlight)

4- Three Light Portrait
This one is my roommate Shaun. He kissed a moving car while riding his bike a few days before this picture was taken.

My critique panel seemed to like these images and the head of the photography department sent me an email saying

“Great critique! You’ve made some long strides this quarter. The panel was impressed with your lighting for 2nd quarter. You have a good sense of what’s good and what’s not. You didn’t try to sell us something that wasn’t good and we appreciate that. I loved the white on white!”

I’ll post the pics from my Environmental Portraiture class tomorrow!

4 thoughts on Deliverables for Intermediate Lighting

  1. These pics look awesome to me (of course I’m no expert)! Do you have models provided, or do you have to find people yourself?

  2. Angela, we have to do all of our own production work, meaning we find models, locations, props, wardrobe, and hair/makeup… the only thing the school provides is some lighting gear and some studio space, both on a limited basis…

  3. love the first one…white on white. His dark skin makes toe photo pop. Your mixed lighting makes me want to know who she just killed and why!!! Guess that’s the idea… to intrigue.

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