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Deliverables for Environmental Portraiture

So, as mentioned in the previous post, I just finished up my 2nd quarter at Portfolio Center where I’m working on building up a commercial photography portfolio. Besides the lighting class I was in, I was also in a class called Environmental Portraiture in which the goal was to take various types of portraits on location. Each assignment had various educational goals and each one got progressively harder. My instructor, Joel Silverman, was great and taught us a lot of retouching techniques too. We had 6 deliverables (deliverable = what we show to our critique panel at the end of the quarter). But I’m only posting 5 because I wasn’t happy with one of them…

Author Portrait: create a black and white portrait, at twilight, of an author for use in promo materials

Artist Portrait: create a portrait of an artisan in their workspace for an ad

CEO: create a portrait of a young hip CEO for a magazine article

Kitchen Composite: Shoot a kitchen then shoot a studio portrait and composite them together for an ad

Country Music Singer: create a composite of a country music star with a beautiful background for promo purposes

3 thoughts on Deliverables for Environmental Portraiture

  1. In looking at the kitchen composite, it seems like it would be really tough to get the scaling right- to have the person be just the right size for the background. Yours looks perfect though! And I love the CEO portrait.

  2. these are awesome! My fav of these tho is the author portrait. The background is soft but the arch is there and with his curly hair makes me think of him as a roman god. love that it’s black and white.

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