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belief in god is no excuse for hatred

Lyla Morrison asked me to shoot a photo for a poster project designed with the goal of creating an impact and sparking discussion. I think we succeeded, what do you think? This photo was done completely in camera with the only photoshop work being basic sharpening, color balance, and the text at the very bottom which states, “belief in God is no excuse for hatred”.

Just try to imagine this guy dancing too…

So here’s a cool one from a wedding I shot recently! I love shooting live music!

Mitch Headshot/Portraits

Mitch is a musician from Atlanta, but lives in Boston. He needed some new promo photos, so he got in touch with me and we went out and had a fun photoshoot and got a lot of great pictures. I had a tough time narrowing it down, but here are my two favorite shots from the day!

Arcade Fire CD Cover Mockup

I was asked by my friend, Diana, to help with the photography and photoshop composite work on a mock-up CD cover for a band called Arcade Fire. She created a logo and wanted the logo to be in the blown out smoke from a candle on top of a cupcake. So, grab a cupcake (with sprinkles), a candle, a few studio strobes, and we are all set!

Andrea Fremiotti Gallery at Big Studio

Lately I’ve been doing some freelance work for Andrea Fremiotti, who owns Burn Photo, and one of the things I did was help him prepare for a gallery show at Big Studio. I did the printing and coordinated the framing, designed and published a companion book, and then hung the show. The images are stunning aerial photos of housing development areas ‘on hiatus’ because the money ran out during the recession of 2008-2009. He calls this series “Arrested Development”. You […]

Rainbow Headshot

I was in New York a few months ago and my friend Rainbow needed a headshot for her new acting promo piece. I gave her lots to choose from but I pulled my favorite and converted it to black and white! We went to The Cloisters for the shoot, but I was on a time crunch so I couldn’t explore much, but it seems like a cool place so I’m sure I will go again!

Clinton Library

I was going through some old files looking for something and I came across the photos from a trip to the Clinton Library in Little Rock, Arkansas in March.

Venus Fly Trap

My friend needed a photo of a Venus Fly Trap for one of her design projects, so here’s one of the shots I got…

The Great Atlanta Flood of ’09

On September 21st, 2009, after 4 days of constant rain, Atlanta experienced extreme flooding. Ten people died and 20,000 homes and businesses suffered major damage. Here’s a picture taken (not by me) in downtown Atlanta…(click picture for source) My apartment complex was severely flooded and everyone was evacuated. It all happened very quickly. I had been out of town for the weekend and came back at about 3:00pm. One side of the complex was already flooded and it was getting […]

View of New York

I was in New York a few weeks ago, strolled across the Manhattan Bridge and got these shots from the bridge! One problem, this bridge has trains running on it, so the bridge is vibrating most of the time so a tripod is useless…

Jay at Park

My good friend Jay needed a fun and interesting portrait and I was happy to help him out! He’s passionate about working out and is actually an MMA fighter in training. So we headed to a park and just played around with a few simple exercise related ideas. These are my favorite: Big thanks goes to my buddy Shibu for assisting on this one! And another big thanks to Maryam for coming out and shooting these behind the scenes photos!

Portrait for Quest Magazine

I recently had the pleasure of driving up to Clemson University to shoot a portrait of Fred Faircloth and Rebecca Fulmer for Quest Magazine. I had never been to Clemson before but my assignment was to show the beauty of the campus in the portrait of Fred and Rebecca. Rebbecca is a student at Clemson and recently won a substantial scholarship given out by Fred, a Coca-Cola Bottler. I’m not going to write too much here, as the article in […]

Paul Mobley Portraits

I recently had the pleasure of shooting a portrait of portrait photographer Paul Mobley, who has a gorgeous book out called “American Farmer“. When photographer Paul Mobley set out to capture the soul of our country’s farm communities, he encountered an enduring rural culture that remains rooted in the principles of tradition, family, integrity and hard work. Traveling across the country from Tennessee to Montana, Mobley and his camera were welcomed time and again into the homes of over two […]

76 Monte Carlo

My neighbors friend pulled up in this awesome customized 76 Monte Carlo. I had to take some shots! Click here if you don’t see a gallery below.[nggallery id=25]

Jason Smith of Smithworks Iron

A few months ago I shot some environmental portraits of Jason Smith at Smithworks Iron. He was awesome to work with! Well he just sent me the video below and I thought it might be interesting for you to learn a little more about the artist and his work! If you need some metalwork done, check out www.smithworksiron.com www.youtube.com/watch?v=aF7h-wmk87g