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My first same gender wedding shoot

I love shooting weddings because it’s such a happy event for everyone there! People love getting photographed at a wedding because they are all spiffed up and looking good! It makes my job easy and pleasurable! You can check out the rest of my wedding work at www.kendrickdischweddings.com. Recently I had the honor of second shooting a same gender wedding alongside CJ of mossandisaac.com. It was small but super fun! Here are a few selects.

Charlee and Widget

Trying to shoot more randoms this year and sometimes you just gotta go to the old standby of shooting your pets… Here’s my dog Charlee enjoying her Valentines day bone from her secret admirer. Below that is Widget, the mischievous cat from upstairs.

Facebook limits page discoverability

Facebook limits page discoverability. Pages are the business version of a profile. I’ll use the two companies I founded as examples here, (Create/Explore Workshops, Workshoppers.org).  Neither of these two companies has a marketing budget, so I must find ways to promote that don’t cost anything. Facebook is one of my options. My primary goal for being on Facebook is to spread awareness for my two young brands. The problem is that Facebook goes out of their way to limit how […]

TJ at christmas 2010

Here’s a cute picture of my nephew TJ that I shot during Christmas. He refused to smile for me and if I really started pushing him he would change the subject by pointing at the lights and saying “lights!”. You had to be there.

Workshop: Digital Workflow using Lightroom 3

Event registration for Digital Workflow using Lightroom 3 with Kendrick Disch powered by Eventbrite

Beautiful Day in Atlanta

It’s a beautiful day here in Atlanta. The rain we had last week washed away the cold and dark winter and left us with an optimistic taste of spring!

The Empty Breakroom

Here’s a shot of our breakroom at Adventure. We hardly ever take breaks so it mostly sits empty!

“What is success?”

I’ve written on this blog quite a bit about this topic in past years and still struggle with this question on a daily basis. I found this article today that discussed some important ideas about success, parenting, and intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation. “What is success?” Someone who spent his life working 80 hour weeks, living in hotels, and fighting his way up the corporate ladder to become VP of toilet paper marketing would probably consider himself more successful than a […]

Learning to cook Quiche

Recently I learned how to make a quiche. But this post is not a “how to make a quiche” post, although I’m sure several of you came here due to that phrase being your search parameter. Sorry for the misdirection. Here’s a link to a quiche recipe. Instead, this post is just a few photos I snapped while learning how to make a quiche. This quiche had ham, tomatoes, asparagus, and cheese. It was excellent.

Holiday Driving 2011

I didn’t shoot much while I was visiting my family in Arkansas over the holidays, but I did get a few casual snaps while I was driving to and from. Yes, I shoot while I drive and I know I shouldn’t. But it’s not illegal and I’m a photographer.

Let’s Go Fishing! Content Marketing Strategy

There are lots of other fishermen in the facebook pond. If you can organize your efforts around creating a content publishing strategy that drives links back to the pond where you are the only fishermen and you’ve got the right lure for the right fish, then you are going to hook ’em.

Some Random Photos from Jan 2011

Here a just a few randoms from this month. I’ve been trying to carry my camera more often but definitely not doing it often enough!

Snow day in Atlanta Jan-2011

It snowed in Atlanta last night. Got about 4-6 inches. Was able to meet up with my friend Jen to go out and shoot a few pics!

By Your Side – Short Film

Last year I was part of the crew on a short film called By Your Side, directed by Chris Stanford and Jake Herrle and DP’d by my friend Morgan Cooper. I was a camera operator for some of the scenes and also did some of the sound recording. It turned out really well, so I thought I would share the results: By Your Side from Chris Stanford on Vimeo. Produced by TwoThree Pictures. Shot with 5D Mark ll. Edited by […]

One Day of Mousing

The above image was generated by some software called IOGraphica that tracks my mouse movements over the course of a given amount of time and represents that data with these cool looking graphics. This is 8 hours on a 27inch Imac. On this particular day I was editing video for most of it. The black dots are when my mouse was still. The largest black dot was when I went to lunch. The major horizontal lines are the scrub lines […]