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Selfie at The Library in Chicago

Selfie at The Library in Chicago

Atlanta clouds

Pretty day today in Atlanta

Rooftop band at chompnstomp

Rooftop band at #chompnstomp

Family travel

Family travels at the international terminal at Atlanta airport

Vintage Images of Atlanta

Historical Images of Atlanta

Love – the movie

Some thoughts on the movie “Love”

workshoppers logo

Workshoppers.org Launch Video

I created this video to help explain and generate interest in workshoppers.org

Saying adios to Bank of America

A few months ago I noticed something strange on my bank statement and it was the final straw to lose me as a customer. It wasn’t the debit card fees, or the increased account fees, or the very poor reputation, or the whole too big to fail thing… although those were contributing factors. What was the final straw, you ask? Advertising within my bank statement. By nature of their service they have access to my personal information: where I shop, […]

Small reminder that I’m not awesome

I haven’t posted in awhile because having a full time job and still taking on freelance work, leaves little time for updates. However, those two things and some thriftiness on my part have enabled me to completely pay off all the credit card I accumulated during and after college. This is a big personal achievement for me and I’ve been feeling pretty good about it lately. In fact I’ve been feeling pretty awesome. And then today happened. Last night I […]

Vancouver + Seattle

In September I took a trip with the lovely @jenamiller to check out an area of the country I hadn’t explored yet, the Pacific Northwest. We went to Both Vancouver and Seattle and took a train between the two. It was a great trip and I’ve posted lots of pictures from that trip on this blog. However, I also shot some video while I was there and I finally found the time to edit something together. Enjoy!

Sysco Foods Video Shoot

Just uploaded some new videos to my portfolio from another awesome shoot I did with Vert. Here’s the link: https://www.kendrickdisch.com/video/sysco-foods/ Big thanks to @joefocus for the assist and the behind the scenes photos!

Headshots for Elyse

Did some acting headshots for the talented Elyse. It was cold and windy but we got some that we’re both happy with.