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Thoth in NYC

So I was doing my usual perusing of the internet, when I came across this post on Noumenon’s blog about a street performer in New York City. I recognized the picture from the post and knew I had taken a picture of the same guy the last time I was in New York. Here it is: He hangs out in Angel Tunnel in Central Park and does something he calls “prayforming”. Check out his website to learn more about him […]

Jarris at George’s

I got to see one of my favorite bands a few nights ago and as I often do, I took my camera! Shooting bands is really a lot of fun but it’s pretty hard work both physically and mentally. When I shoot a band, my goal is to try to capture the passion of the band in a photo. Jarris always plays with a ton of energy and passion, so I really enjoy shooting them. It helps that they are […]

Mixed Martial Arts Shoot

I went to a MMA fight last weekend and took shots from a perch above the octagon. I didn’t get very good shots, most of the fights were very short and the fighters weren’t in a convenient position to my angle, but below are the results from that exciting shoot! For those of you unfamiliar with the sport, it’s basically a mix up of various fighting styles. People are cross trained in multiple styles including, boxing, kickboxing, wrestling/grappling, jujitsu, and […]


So on Wednesday night, I was at my sisters house in Muldrow, Oklahoma working on editing some photos from last weekend, when I got word that we were in for some rough weather. Muldrow is about halfway between Sallisaw and Fort Smith. So I get my camera ready for action and I go out and take some pictures, but nothing is really happening yet, although the tornado sirens were going off. I shot this picture of the clouds. You can’t […]

Some pictures of Charlie

I was inspired by a photographer from Seattle named Erin Vey to try taking some nice portraits of Charlie. I was trying to capture some personality and for those of you who know my pooch, I think I did. I used autofocus and a few of these aren’t quite perfect. oh well… She was a terrible model. She was camera shy and wouldn’t hold still. It was fun though. These are my sister’s poodles. I had treats to try and […]